Chambers Issue 01
ISBN: 978-1-77135-194-2
Genre: Crime Action
Created By
Wes Locher
Narcotics Officer Denis Chambers comes from a family of law enforcers. Now, someone is picking them off one by one, and she'll have to figure out who's taking an axe to her family tree before it's too late.

Comic Book Therapy
Locher and company craft an intriguing cop drama in the vein of The Departed and Garth Ennisí recent Red Team series for Dynamite. Thereís a lot here to warrant a return trip. It will be interesting...
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Geeky Universe
If youíve got a couple bucks to spare Iíd definitely check out the first issue ó you might get hooked. Iím certainly looking forward to future issues through Arcana Studio
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Following The Nerd
First and foremost Iíd like to thank Wes for giving me the opportunity to review this book. Heís a tremendously talented writer that surrounds himself with equal talent in the art department; making...
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