The Devil is Due in Dreary Original Graphic Novel
ISBN: 978-1-77135-182-9
Diamond Code: AUG130978
Genre: Western Action
Created By
David Parkin
Writer: David Parkin
Artist: Allan Jefferson
Inker: Jonas Trindade
Colorist: Rainer Petter
Colorist: Diego Tapie
Artist: Alex Sanchez
Letterer: Frank J. Barbiere
Letterer: Richard Emms
Editor: Brendan Deneen
Editor: Daryl Freimark
Jack and Tino, two strangers with a questionable past arrive in the reclusive town of Dreary where they unknowingly fulfill a prophecy that the town believes will precede the coming of the apocalypse. They are caught up in a whirlwind of judgment and paranoia, and it's a race against time to escape with their lives. The Devil is Due in Dreary is a music rich ride through the folklore of the old west. With rattling desert bones, pompadours, classic cars, and pearl handled pistols, it's an action packed rockabilly take on the classic western.

Geeky Godmother
I really like this graphic novel. Wonderful art and great characters, from crazy preacher to mutilated anti-hero and all the little people caught in between. But they're nothing compared to what's...
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Whatcha Reading
Iíve read this trade several times, itís one of those books that just flow as you read it. Part twilight zone, part western, part buddy movie. Do yourself a favor and pre-order it at your local comic...
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Well, I really love the visual style of the whole piece. The entire world is really easy to fall into. One of my favorite characters is the Devil character. He has this amazing flowing coat thatís...
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