The Steam Engines of Oz Vol 1 OGN
ISBN: 978-1-77135-187-4
Diamond Code: JUL13 0780
Genre: Fantasy Science Fiction
Writer: Erik Hendrix
Writer: Sean Patrick O'Reilly
Artist: Yannis Roumboulias
Colorist: Chandran
Colorist: Doug Spencer
Letterer: Erik Hendrix
Arcana Comics & SteamPunk Originals collects the first four chapters of an epic SteamPunk future set in the World of Oz. A century after the witch was killed, the Emerald City is ruled by a once-revered hero, and salvation comes from the unlikely wrench of young Victoria Wright. She comes to find out the smallest of actions can have much larger implications, and the most insignificant of us can change the world. Rediscover old friends and new heroes along the way, and learn how something that was once a gift… can turn into a curse.

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