Judo Girl Vol 1 Origins
ISBN: 978-1-77135-091-4
Genre: Superhero Action
Created By
Darren G. Davis
Writer: Terrance Griep
Writer: Johnny Lowe
Artist: Nadir Balan
Artist: Mark Brooks
Artist: Chris Johnson
Inker: Nick Schley
Inker: Sven Dyson
Inker: Billy Crooks
Colorist: Wes Dzioba
Colorist: Ralph Bolvin
Letterer: Payton Gauldin
Letterer: Johnny Lowe
Editor: Johnny Lowe
Read the thrilling origin of Judo Girl! Mysteriously waking after 40 years in suspended animation, Judo Girl is on a quest to find her missing brother, but her old enemy, Captain Steel, hasn't exactly spent the last four decades collecting rust! Also, read a retro story set during the era of go-go boots and slot cars, revealing the secret origin of the original Steel Ray. All that, plus bonus materials galore!