Awakenings [Graphic Novel]
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ISBN: 9781926914305
Diamond Code: JUN110822
Genre: Crime Detective/Crime
Writer: Eric Hobbs
Inker: Jeremy Colwell
Colorist: Mauricio Pinzon
Set in the year 2062, New York City detective Spencer Straight is hot on the trail of a gruesome serial killer with a peculiar trademark only to find himself on the run when every lead points to the one person he never would have suspected - himself. Forced underground, Spencer discovers a secretive presence may be the culprit behind the seemingly senseless killings. A force many have tried to stop without success. A force that's chosen its next victim. Spencer's son.

One Geek Nation
The most magnificent part of this entire book is that the reader may be the ultimate fool. Itʼs suggested that Spencer Straight is lacking in mental capacity. Therefore, this entire plot...
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Masterful! You desperately need to pick this one up as it is the bestĖänew mini-series I have read in a while.
The only way it could have been better? If Hobbs would have given us more! This is an incredible mystery that I want solved now!