The Hope Virus [Graphic Novel]
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ISBN: 9781897548509
Diamond Code: JUL100757
Genre: Adventure
Writer: Sean O'Reilly
Inker: Owen Gieni
Colorist: ran Ponnusamy
Herbert is a social outcast at school and deals with his gloomy boredom through his website After struggling with fitting in at school and his unusual case of insomnia, Herbert falls into a deep coma. He awakens to realize that his blogs have become some of the most quoted and influential scriptures of history. Helen, a young girl under rule of The Hope Virus Holdings (HVH), reveals to Herbert that his thoughts and journaling have lead to the worst oppression the world has even seen. Herbert now realizes that he must break the very world he created.

Jazma Online
The ending here is well completely unexpected. You will never see it coming. It is though the perfect ending to one of the weirdest and strangest stories to come along in a while. Herbert Miles is a...
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