Continuum [Graphic Novel]
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ISBN: 9781897548820
Diamond Code: DEC100729
Genre: Science Fiction
Created By
Sean Patrick O'Reilly
Writer: Steve Snyder
Inker: Brian Hailes
Colorist: ran
Historian David Marcus spent his entire life studying one single day. In 2010, the prime minister of Israel was assassinated in what was dubbed the "Longest Day in History." The events that followed were linear, ominous and unstoppable as the nuclear weapons were launched. Life existed for decades before a major break through occurred. After years of looking to the stars for a new planet, scientists found that is was possible for one-way time travel through a rift in our solar system. Instead of finding a new world, what if a team was able to stop the "Longest Day in History"? What if we could go back in time to save our planet?

Jazma Online
The scenery looks great and the soldiers professional in appearance. The soldiers the black ops members are an interesting group that just gets more interesting as the comic goes on. We get to...
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Relativity Media has picked up a film pitch based on Arcana's time travel/post-apocalyptic comic book Continuum, with screenwriter Greg Russo (Heatseekers) on board to pen the adaptation.
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Project Fanboy
Continuum is a well written time travel story with every panel executed excellently. There are many subtle pieces in this book that help drive the story and connect with the reader some are...
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