Devil's Island [Graphic Novel]
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ISBN: 9781926914428
Diamond Code: SEP110745
Genre: Crime Action
Writer: Nikola Jajic
Artist: Josef Cage
On a godforsaken island prison, four men are more than inmates and less than guards. After lifetimes of crime, they slake their bloodlust by chasing down prisoners trying to escape. They hunt their own… on Devil’s Island. They were Hunters, not guards, and not quite prisoners any longer. No, they were more and less than both of those things. The gray matter; seeping throughout the Island, infecting its natural order… transforming its dynamic into something they could not yet comprehend.

Ain\'t It Cool News
ajic tells this story with bold, cinematic strokes, effortlessly blending the fictional elements of his hunters and their rebellion with the historical facts of this Napoleonic prison. His in-depth...
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Broken Frontier
Period and setting are intrinsic to Devil’s Island’s success, as Jajic is well aware. Although set during a tumultuous era in French history, he never lets his plot become overwhelmed by his setting,...
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