Penance: Trial of the Century [Graphic Novel]
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ISBN: 9781897548318
Diamond Code: JUL100758
Genre: Superhero Detective/Crime
Created By
Sean Wise
Paul Gilligan
Writer: Ryan Foley
Editor: Sean Patrick O'Reilly
When a news crew videotapes a battle, a masked superhero is arrested for the murder of a costumed super-villain. When police officer LJ McCloud is assigned to the open-and-shut case, she quickly finds her life spiraling out of control as she tries to weather the media hurricane that is surrounding the situation. Collecting the original four issues plus a century worth of bonus material!

Jazma Online
There are plenty of twists and turns in the story. It will definitely keep you guessing. We also get to see a fatherís love for his daughter. He stands by her, protects her. The story is dramatic,...
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