American Wasteland [Graphic Novel]
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ISBN: 9780980920444
Diamond Code: MAY100740
Genre: Horror Horror
Created By
R.D. Hall
Mark Kidwell
Writer: R.D. Hall
Inker: Andrew Mangum
Colorist: Jay Fotos
Truck Driver Cletus McCoy only wants one thing: to get back home and save his Mama from a fate worse than death. But, in a world crumbling into a vampire apocalypse, that is easier said than done. Cletus will have to truck his way through an emerging nation of bloodthirsty monsters hell-bent on making him supper. Collecting the original series of issues #1-3 plus a wasteland of pinups!

Blast Zone Online
So my 12 year old son and I set down earlier today to read it together. The look of excitement on his face was priceless. As I was reading the graphic novel with him we both looked at each other and...
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