Paradox [Trade]
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ISBN: 9781897548110
Diamond Code: JAN100721
Genre: Science Fiction Crime
Writer: Christos N Gage
Inker: Luis Henrique Ribeiro
Colorist: Ian Sokolowski
Detective Nault is called in to investigate a strange murder. The victim was slain by the most unlikely of methods—a tiny capsule of metal propelled at high speed through his brain. The coroner is baffled when her examination shows no trace of magic anywhere around the wound or the metal. In an effort to examine all the possibilities, Detective Nault calls upon Sir Winston Churchill, the greatest wizard to ever live since Merlin. Nault discovers that there is a parallel world where science is the prime force of technology. It is a world where almost everyone has or has had a double and history has paralleled to a point. The scary thing is that perhaps someone from that world has come over, but Nault finds that no one believes him. Science is considered new age quackery and frowned upon in most of society. Even Sir Winston, who once saved Britain from the Nazi Blitz of England by finding and using the sword Excalibur, and advocated a study of science be taken seriously was ridiculed. Now there’s a killer on the loose and only a man unique to both worlds, a paradox, can use his intuitive knowledge to stop the killings and perhaps save a universe.