Ultima Thula [Graphic Novel]
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ISBN: 9781897548462
Diamond Code: MAY090646
Genre: Science Fiction
Writer: David Greenblatt
Inker: Phil Nibbelink
Colorist: Phil Nibbelink
Screaming inhabitants of a small town are enclosed and consumed into a gigantic electrical storm as Jason Battle, ex-Iraqi Special Forces war hero, is forced to simply watch in horror. When realizing that his daughter was one of the inhabitants Jason becomes desperate to find his 10 year old daughter, Amy. Jason drives his motorcycle into this vortex where he is transported to a hostile planet. Thrust into battle with insect like creatures, Jason relentlessly searches the alien world for his daughter.

Fanboy Planet
Sometimes a book just needs to be a ride, kicking ass and chewing bubblegum right to the end. Though Ultima Thula has a few reflections on the costs of being a soldier, they take a backseat – have...
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The title of this graphic novel, and the back cover art made me think I was getting a Lovecraftian but of horror. There is a bit of that type of other-worldly horror going on but its much more on the...
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