Stranger Danger [Graphic Novel]
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ISBN: 9781897548844
Diamond Code: SEP100775
Genre: Science Fiction Adventure
Writer: Jeff Aden
Inker: Junior Bruce
Inker: Jenn Lee
Inker: Ray Catulo
Strange is more than a misunderstood video store clerk. Apparently he's also an alien masher with the power of destroying even the largest of motherships, or so the aliens believe. Will the aliens successfully invade this planet of highly evolved animals? Can Strange and crew thwart aliens, robotic duplicates and a genetically altered monster? For Strange, life just got a lot more interesting.

Ain\'t It Cool News
At first I was thrown off by the fact that the protagonists are a bunch of talking, clothes-wearing animals—a raccoon, monkey, giant red ant, and a couple of unidentifiable beast-men (cats?...
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