Kade: Sun of Perdition [Graphic Novel]
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ISBN: 9780976309567
Diamond Code: NOV073308
Genre: Adventure Fantasy
Created By
Sean Patrick O'Reilly
Writer: Sean Patrick O'Reilly
Inker: Stjepan Sejic
Colorist: Stjepan Sejic
Editor: Jay Busbee
During the Black Sun, under the Eye of God, angels may fall to Earth. These Fallen Angels have left the grace of God and act without consequence. Many try to spite their Creator by possessing the anemic spirits of those who are morally corrupt, using them as their demonic servants. As a Child of the Black Sun, Kade is the ageless balance that tips the dark scale back towards the light, as he hunts the demons and The Fallen. Kade and Ezra have been hunting demons for nearly a thousand years and another Black Sun is on the horizon and with it, one of the most powerful enemies known to man.

Project Fanboy
...If you have an appreciation for quality artwork, Kade Son of Perdition is a fine showcase of what can be done in the comic book medium...
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