100 Girls: The First Girl [Graphic Novel]
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ISBN: 9781416961093
Genre: Action Science Fiction
Writer: Adam Gallardo
Penciler: Todd Demong
Inker: Todd Demong
Colorist: Various
The entire series of 100 Girls in a beautifully bound book filled with lots of extras. Sylvia Mark is a thirteen year-old girl who feels separated from her peers, but Sylvia doesn't know is that she's just one of one hundred girls bred as part of a genetics experiment that sought to give normal humans extraordinary powers. Thirteen years ago, four girls were kidnapped and sent to families around the country to be raised and Sylvia is determined to find out why...

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So get off the couch already, head to your closest library or bookstore and get your own Girl! (Batteries and kung fu superpowers not included.)
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A superhero story that feels like it was geared for DC's Minx line, except it's more propulsive and absorbing by far than Minx books have been of late.
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