Issue 1
ISBN: 978-1-897548-18-9
Diamond Code: JUN052763
Created By
Dwight L. MacPherson
Writer: Dwight L. MacPherson
Inker: Tony DeVito
Colorist: Michael DeVito
Colorist: Jon Conkling
Editor: Egg Embry
1698.The despicable Captain Kidd shanghais a helpless merchant ship. However, this simple vessel holds something far greater than rum and slaves- it carries an ancient map cursed by the Knights Templar. A map that, unbeknownst to Kidd, leads to the lost Relics of Christ! For this ultimate prize, every pirate in the world will wage a bloody war to possess it! Each side will face storms, navies, and a legion of zombies in order to lay their hands on the world's greatest plunder!