Harry Walton [Graphic Novel]
Harry Walton is a first-class henchman, but a string of bad luck has left him nothing but a seedy apartment, a closetful of costumes and a long-suffering girlfriend. When he’s finally had enough, Walton concocts a plan to get back on top—and what’s...[view]
The Praetorian [Original Graphic Novel]
The island kingdom of Desperian has long been ruled by the dark wizard, Zoranthar, and his ruling class of loyalists.The nobles of the land have long held to an imperative law - blood in the arena keeps blood off the streets - and cadres of...[view]
A Child of the Black Sun, Kade is an immortal warrior with a good heart, a strong sword-arm and no sense of touch. He has been alive for 2,500 years. His fighting skills have been employed in dozens of civilizations over the centuries, and...[view]