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The Gwaii
The Gwaii [Graphic Novel]
Tanu is a sasquatch lost in the Canadian wilderness who must face the Fearsome Creatures in order to find the clues that will lead him to his mother. Using his agility,...[view]
Price : $14.95
The Hope Virus
The Hope Virus [Graphic Novel]
Herbert is a social outcast at school and deals with his gloomy boredom through his website After struggling with fitting in at school and his unusual...[view]
Price : $14.95
The Inventor
The Inventor Original Graphic Novel
During a time when inventors were known as wizards and corporations considered their kingdoms, emerged an extraordinary league of gentlemen who shaped the modern world with...[view]
Price : $19.95
The Killers
The Killers [Graphic Novel]
In the days following the end of World War II, Sgt. Kane and his men are charged with finding and stopping a rogue band of Nazis intent on enacting a killing spree across the...[view]
Price : $14.95
The Lost Girl
The Lost Girl [Graphic Novel]
Stumbling onto the feud of an old clan of shape-shifters, a college graduate named Joy finds herself looking after a rogue named Rurik. In a cabin in the woods, feelings...[view]
Price : $14.95
The Matriarch
The Matriarch [Graphic Novel]
As Leviathan City's star super-heroine the Matriarch, Sherry tries to balance work and home-life against a backdrop of friends, foes, and potential love-interests; aggressive...[view]
Price : $14.95
The Nether World
The Nether World [Graphic Novel]
A cataclysmic event has destroyed 80% of the human population, and the world has fallen under the dictatorship of the Illuminati, a global government that rules with an iron...[view]
Price : $19.95
The Network
The Network [Graphic Novel]
Ethan McKinnon thinks he's lucked into the greatest job ever-as a cameraman at The Network, the world-famous superhero-only tv channel. But when Ethan films one of the...[view]
Price : $14.95
The Praetorian
The Praetorian [Original Graphic Novel]
The island kingdom of Desperian has long been ruled by the dark wizard, Zoranthar, and his ruling class of loyalists.The nobles of the land have long held to an imperative...[view]
Price : $19.95
The Steam Engines of Oz
The Steam Engines of Oz Hardcover Collection
Collecting the complete, two-volume SteamPunk epic future of the World of Oz. A Century after the Wicked Witch was killed, The Emerald City is ruled by a once-revered hero,...[view]
Price : $29.99
The Steam Engines of Oz
The Steam Engines of Oz Vol 1 OGN
Arcana Comics & SteamPunk Originals collects the first four chapters of an epic SteamPunk future set in the World of Oz. A century after the witch was killed, the Emerald...[view]
Price : $19.95
The Truman Virus
The Truman Virus [Graphic Novel]
In 2012 cancer is on the rise and when world renowned scientist Lance Truman’s cure backfires, an escaped test subject of his, along with two lost and confused orphans travel...[view]
Price : $14.95
The Unemployment Adventures of Aqualung
The Unemployment Adventures of Aqualung Original Graphic Novel
For over seventy-five years, Agent Aqualung has defended the country from supernatural forces as part of the 88, a covert branch of the Department of Defense. A pink slip and...[view]
Price : $14.95
The Wingman
The Wingman [Graphic Novel]
Wingman follows the adventures of two best friends, Hank and Max, whose main mission in life is picking up women. Hank, more confident and good looking than Max, is the stud...[view]
Price : $14.95
Trout [Graphic Novel]
TROUT is the story of a nine-year-old boy and the monster sent to protect him. It centers on a virus created to eradicate the monster gene, and has the power to turn man to...[view]
Price : $14.95
Turning Tiger
Turning Tiger [Trade]
Take one state of the art fully armed sentient military attack robot, let it go rogue, then set the US army and more robots after it. And let it happen in down town USA. If...[view]
Price : $7.99
Ultima Thula
Ultima Thula [Graphic Novel]
Screaming inhabitants of a small town are enclosed and consumed into a gigantic electrical storm as Jason Battle, ex-Iraqi Special Forces war hero, is forced to simply watch...[view]
Price : $19.95
Ultraduck [Graphic Novel]
Carlos, a regular duck living in the great city of Featherbay, just got dumped by his girlfriend, his life as a freelance do-it-all is going nowhere and must make some grown...[view]
Price : $14.95
Unimaginable [Graphic Novel]
In a startlingly original tale, the amnesiac Stump must learn the rules of her new home – a derelict city with problems beyond number. Appointed "Problem Solver" in a...[view]
Price : $14.95
Velvet Rope
Velvet Rope [Graphic Novel]
A true nightmare...Baker's Dozen, Club Vampire, and Daddy's Little Girl as well as an all-new Eve: Vampire Diva short. Featuring stories from Mark Poulton, Stephen Sistilli,...[view]
Price : $14.95
Warstone [Graphic Novel]
Abaddon is a fantasical world of elves, wizards and dragons with one catch...the magic they rely on for power is gone, depleted like a natural resource. The evil Asmodeus, a...[view]
Price : $9.95
War's Chosen
War's Chosen [Graphic Novel]
To save the life of his granddaughter, retired superhero James Cummings must face not only the mistakes of his past, bus also a rogue government agency called Black Messiah...[view]
Price : $14.95
Wonderdog Inc.
Wonderdog Inc. [Graphic Novel]
Ryan Robertson's summer plans are put on hold when he discovers he'll be staying at his grandfather's farm while his parents travel to Europe. Just as he grows accustomed to...[view]
Price : $14.95
Woody & Noble
Woody & Noble [Graphic Novel]
In Deeproot, West Virginia, monsters, lost gods, and underground, would-be-conquerors find an ideal home to plot their various nefarious schemes. However, Woody, a ten-year...[view]
Price : $14.95
Yin Yang
Yin Yang [Graphic Novel]
Super powered brother and sister bounty hunters, Yin and Yang, are the best in the business. No one escapes them. Working for dedicated Federal Marshal, Wade Kendall, Yin and...[view]
Price : $14.95
Zombie Warriors
Zombie Warriors [Graphic Novel]
U.S. Special Forces Bio/Chemical weapons expert Horatio Danglar was left behind in Iraq in 1991 and presumed dead. Bent on revenge against his team leader and best friend...[view]
Price : $14.95
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