Original Graphic Novel

PRICE: 14.95
A former soldier has returned home from a tour of duty in Iraq. She is hoping to reconnect with her teenage son after being away for eighteen months. Unfortunately, their motorcycle tour of a quaint scenic area forces them to cross paths with a local drug dealer who is trying to cement his bank account with a lucrative and dangerous deal that promises to surpass him from being a minor thug to a major player. When henchmen of the drug dealer kill the soldierís son to protect their drug deal, she brings the full weight of her military training against the drug dealerís organization in her quest for vengeance and justice. From the other point of view, a crime kingpin is looking to expand his base and his cash flow by trafficking heavy drugs into the United States. Haunted by his conscience over how he makes a living, he often has visions of an angel of death coming to claim his life. Then he finds his organization under attack by some crazed vigilante. And when that vigilante guns down our crime lordís brother, things take a personal turn. But the superstitious crime lord believes that the vigilante is death coming to claim him. Banishing away his superstitions, the crime lord fights back. It becomes a war of principles. It is money versus vengeance fueled by the death of family members.