THE CLOCKWORK GIRL To Be A Major Animated Motion Picture Starring Alexa Vega & Jesse McCartney in the Fall

Long out of print, the wildly popular Clockwork Girl series was originally released in five illustrated stories and sold more than 340,000 copies around the world. The full story of THE CLOCKWORK GIRL (Harper Design//On Sale: July 12, 2011//ISBN:9780062080394) comes to life again in this beautifully illustrated graphic novel with a new foreword from The Clockwork Girl’s original authors, Sean O’Reilly and Kevin Hanna, along with playful, full-page pin-ups of the characters.

The story takes place in a whimsical land far, far away where inventors compete to show off their latest trinkets and inventions at the local fair. A mad scientist, determined to win the top prize at the fair, creates a robot Clockwork Girl. Against all odds, she finds love and companionship in Huxley, the amazing mutant circus boy. Despite the threats of their warring families, they begin to explore the world together and discover what it means to be human—to move, to think, and ultimately, to love.

This fall, a paperback version of THE CLOCKWORK GIRL will correspond with the release of the 3-D luximation animation film version of THE CLOCKWORK GIRL. The film is voiced by a “dream team” of actors as the characters, such as Carrie Ann Moss (Matrix), Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development), Alexa Vega (Spy Kids), Jesse McCartney (Horton Hears a Who) and Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond). An exciting sneak peek teaser is available online at

THE CLOCKWORK GIRL has won the Moonbeam Award, as well as the Graphic Novel of the Year Award at Book Expo America by ForeWord magazine.

About the Authors:

SEAN O’REILLY is the founder and C.E.O. of Arcana Studio, Canada’s largest comic book company. He is the creator of a number of comics, including the highly successful comics Kade and Ezra, whose characters have been used in more than 250,000 comics and books, and published in eleven countries and seven different languages. Through his talent as a concept artist, writer, and all around comic book mastermind, Sean lead Arcana, in its very first year, to win the Joe Shuster Award for Outstanding Publisher, as voted by an international spectrum of comic book retailers and readers, and to be nominated for a Harvey Award in its first year, a feat unheard of in the quarter century tenure of the award. Among his other credits: he is a consultant for Telefilm, in 2008 and 2011 won Top 40 Under 40 Awards from The Globe and Mail, and has worked on a number of TV concept art projects (for shows including Entourage) and videogame designs.

KEVIN HANNA is an American film director, writer, and artist noted for his work in feature film animation, comic books, videogames, and television. He is the owner of Frogchildren Studios, a multimedia entertainment company dedicated to producing high-quality work for children, spent five years at Microsoft where he was a founding member of the Xbox team, and has worked on games for companies such as Electronic Arts and Mattel.


By Sean O’Reilly & Kevin Hanna
Harper Design
128 pages // $19.99 Hardcover // ISBN: 9780062080394
July 12, 2011

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