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REAL NAME: Theophilus Bogale
OCCUPATION: Military General
CITIZENSHIP: Free City-State of Infra Castellium; Ethiopia
PLACE OF BIRTH: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
KNOWN RELATIVES: Iskinder Bogale – Eldest Brother; Emmanuelle Bogale - Younger Sister; Gebreel Bogale – Younger Brother
EDUCATION: Infra Castellium’s Military & Historical Database uploaded through cyborg wifi
First Appeared:

 Theophilus hails from Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia.  As an orphan, Theophilus survived living on the streets with the help of his elder brother Iskinder and younger siblings Emmanuelle and Gebreel.  Iskinder eventually rose and became an influential crime boss with the young Theophilus serving as his right-hand man.  Theophilus idolized and adored his elder brother.  The family’s fortunes shifted dramatically with the outbreak of the Geno-Purge in 2074.  This global conflict pitted two factions of humanity against each other…ordinary humans and those enhanced with technology.  Vastly outnumbered, the altered races in Europe fled south across the Mediterranean to establish new bases to continue their struggle for survival.  Ethiopia became a stronghold and refuge for the Homo Geneticus and Homo Roboticus.  A charismatic, young leader arrived with the new military forces.  His name was Patorus.  


Patorus and Iskinder formed an alliance.  In exchange for supplies and a base of operation, Patorus converted the entire Bogale crime family into military cyborgs.  He also agreed to aid their attempts to keep Ethiopia intact and under their influence.  Theophilus developed a close relationship with Patorus fighting through many battles together.  His extreme care for men under his command earned Theophilus the nickname “Uncle” among the troops.  All the while, Iskinder remained out of the battles in order to cement his rule behind the scenes.


The alliance eventually broke down.  Newly-empowered with technology, Iskinder grew more cruel, greedy and ruthless over time.  Meanwhile, Patorus desperately sought an end to the relentless conflict.  He decided to retreat his people even further out of humanity’s reach…all the way to Antarctica.  Unwilling to tolerate his elder brother’s growing corruption, Theophilus left Ethiopia to accompany Patorus.  He became one of the founders of the city-state of Infra Castellium in Antarctica.  With peace finally in hand, the altered races finally established a stable economic base to develop new weapons and new technologies.  


For over three decades, Patorus guided the city’s strategic development while Theophilus reigned as its greatest defender and champion.  Differences between the two men finally came to a head when Patorus authorized the Scion Project.  Patorus aimed to create a new generation of ultra-powerful descendants to be used as weapons in the inevitable war with humanity.  


Haunted by the memory of his beloved brother Iskinder falling to the temptations of power, Theophilus worried that the Scion children might grow up lacking humane values.  They might wield tremendous power, but if they lacked any sense of humanity what would they do with that power after the fighting ceased?  In the end, Theophilus retired from his position as the city’s supreme military commander and volunteered for a more humble position…as guardian and caretaker for the children of the Scion Project.
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