Judo Girl Vol 1 Origins
Read the thrilling origin of Judo Girl! Mysteriously waking after 40 years in suspended animation, Judo Girl is on a quest to find her missing brother, but her old enemy, Captain Steel, hasn't exactly spent the last four decades collecting rust!...[view]
Issue 3
Sylvia and her new friend, Regina continue their hunt for other Girls just like them, and they won't be thrilled when they see where their pursuit takes them next. At the same time, Peter Chase and the forces at GSI are on the same trail and that...[view]
A Child of the Black Sun, Kade is an immortal warrior with a good heart, a strong sword-arm and no sense of touch. He has been alive for 2,500 years. His fighting skills have been employed in dozens of civilizations over the centuries, and...[view]